A big thanks to Laurie Loney from Pickleball Maui.  We had a great time playing on your court in beautiful Maui Hawaii.  It was wonderful to play at the base of the Haleakala volcano crater.  You were a great host !
 Scott Clayson, January 20, 2016

Dear Laurie, It was great to play pickleball at your private court in upcountry Maui. The setting with bicoastal views is heavenly. The folks we played with were friendly and quick studies of the game. I'm looking forward to another round.

 Bob Bauerle, January 28, 2016

Thank You both for the humbling experience to

play Maui Puka-Ball. To play on an "open court"

with no fence's or gates, with natural plants

surrounding the facility with an unbelievable view

was amazing!

Sho & Kiyo Doi, September 28, 2016

What an incredible experience! We are staying in kaanapali and can see a pickleball court from our hotel balcony, but can't use it because it's only for guests of that resort. Since we wanted to play, we drove over an hour to get to Laurie's home. The drive was gorgeous and their property is beautiful. Laurie and her husband, "Pocket," are delightful, hospitable, and incredibly fun. They're also outstanding players. We played for two hours, bought a couple of great shirts, and left feeling like we were saying goodbye to friends. Their website says "it's worth the drive." Truer words were hardly ever spoken. Oh, and when you go, try to get Laurie dancing. She's a blast! Thank you both for a great morning


I recently played a few days and had a fantastic time. Dedicated Pickleball court with no extra lines. Great location with limited wind and fresh macadamia nuts! Laurie is  the hostess with the mostess and was great finishing on the court too! @pickleballis great   Mike Hoxie, August 9, 2018

Stephen Cohen, September 4, 2017

Thanks Laurie for the opportunity to play PBall with you and your guests today.  The competition and workout was great and I got my PBall fix in upcountry Maui on your PBall court.  Loved your court conditions and surroundings.  The social atmosphere was fantastic and we all definitely had fun.  A must do for PBall players visiting Maui.  John Remza, upstate NY- March 15, 2016


 Wanted to say how much we enjoyed the day with you all in lovely Kula, Maui.  Your compound is fantastic, we have never seen so much vegetation with great fruits and mac nuts!  Being able to visit the day after your birthday/Halloween celebration just made it that much more festive.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pickleball competition, however, you could have been better hosts by letting us win a game!!  Ha! Laurie, you are as talented a painter as pickleball player. We have enjoyed wearing the Pukaball tee shirts already, and I wore my hat when we played a couple days later in Kona.  We also love the packet of postcards we purchased, all your creations.  We are looking at returning to Maui next Sept./October and will definitely book a day with you all in Kula. This is one of our favorite memories of our fantastic trip to the islands of Hawaii, October, 2017!  Mahalo!    Ron and Peggy Tugwell, October 30, 2017

Mahalo Laurie for opening up your home to us.  You made Jim's birthday wish come true to play pickleball aka pukaball on Maui. We had a fantastic time on a beautiful court with the best hostess.

 Lucy Campbell, December 18, 2015

Ron Ferrari Had great time playing at Pickleball Maui home court Sunday afternoon. Laurie matched players visiting the island with similar ability and open their home court for play. If they build it us Pickleball nuts will come. Staying at the whaler with a marked court but no players. Is a drive but nice view and worth it. Will plan to return. Great time. Ron. Lakewood Colorado.   May 1, 2016

Wow...what an amazing time with Laurie and  friends! So much fun...you have to go! We will be back!

Kendyl Goldston Edwards, May 25,2018

I had a great 2 hour pickleball lesson in Kula, Maui, on July 7, 2019
I was extremely nervous the night before, but within a few minutes of meeting and talking with Laurie, I felt like I had a new friend. She is honest, patient, and with 50 years of experience, very knowledgeable and skilled in all facets of pickleball.  We drilled on the major skills of the game and then Laurie evaluated me after each drill.
What was very important to me was the discussion of strategies and the mental part of the game.
Since coming home, I am more confident and trusting of my skills and I am actually enjoying the game more.
A 5 Star experience for me.

Sincerely, Mike Lee from Sacramento, California.

​​​What a treat to find good, competitive, and fun Pickleball at 2000 feet in Kula...Upcountry Maui!!  [👍] [😎]  The court is well-constructed and Laurie Loney can provide paddles and balls. She and her husband "Pocket" are positive and gracious hosts, and Laurie, if given notice, will do her best to get other players of similar ability to show up when you want to play. The court is surrounded by Upcountry vegetation and the atmosphere is a good one for Pickleball. I was thoroughly satisfied with my two hours of play in Kula!!

 Duff, Northern CA, February 8, 2016

My husband and I had blast playing here. Beautiful place and very welcoming. Will go back again most definitely. I highly recommend it. The drive was stunning!  Sandi and Benny Simmons September 26, 2018

Thank you for a wonderful experience with Pukaball!
We all had a great time, best company party ever!
We're all looking forward to the next time we can gather at your beautiful facility.
Mahalo for being such a gracious host.

 John Yannell, January 5, 2016

Mike and I had a wonderful Pickle Ball experience at your home yesterday. We enjoyed the people you matched us with and learning about the fruit trees on your property was an added bonus. The ride to your house through upcountry was an unexpected treat with the breathtaking vistas we encountered.  Your warmth and friendliness makes us eager for a return visit.  
  Mike and Liz Edmunds, January 13, 2016

Playing pickleball at your breathtaking paradise in UpCountry Maui was a blast! You're so blessed to live on an island created by our Maker! Thank you for hosting us. Your gracious, warm, and friendly hospitality coupled with a great ambiance of social competitive play was better than expected! Hope to return to Maui in the near future to play another round of "pukaball" with you all again! Remember, when you come to Colorado, we're only a lava stone throw away in Evergreen. Aloha for now :)

Jane and Larry Voorhees, May 4, 2016

Lori made the entire experience amazing! We're from the frozen tundra (Minneapolis, MN) and Lori made us feel right at home. First-rate hospitality, the court was great and WOW--even the latest/greatest pickle balls! We had a totally positive experience with beginners to experienced players. And let's just say the "Pukaball" shirts are priceless. Thanks Lori!

Greg Kurowski, May 23, 2017